Rabat – The Roman Villa

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The Domus Romana (Latin for “Roman House”), stylized as the Domvs Romana (after Latin’s lack of distinction between u and v), is a ruined Roman-era house located on the boundary between Mdina and RabatMalta. It was built in the 1st century BC as an aristocratic town house (domus) within the Roman city of Melite. In the 11th century, a Muslim cemetery was established on the remains of the domus.

The site was discovered in 1881, and archaeological excavations revealed several well preserved Roman mosaics, statues and other artifacts, as well as a number of tombstones and other remains from the cemetery. Since 1882, the site has been open to the public as a museum, which is currently run by Heritage Malta. It was erroneously called the Roman Villa when rediscovered as it was thought to be outside the city of Melite but on further examinations it was clarified to be within city limits.[1]